This allows developers to spend less time on the DevOps, and more time on coding new application services. Our team of certified and experienced OpenShift and Kubernetes experts can help you assess, implement, and scale an enterprise-ready OpenShift platform and enable your team to use and manage the platform with confidence. Another benefit of OpenShift was that it allowed us to use an automated deployment process. This increased confidence for the Ministry because it reduced the likelihood of human error. Automated deployments guaranteed that no steps were missed when doing everything from backing up the database to setting up containers. This also meant that the environments could be created in minutes using a fully-scripted configuration.

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Along with these tips, we’d highly recommend using application monitoring and alerting tools like Prometheus and Grafana. These tools help provide quick updates for the speed and health of applications in production. You could also give OpenShift Service Mesh a go, which lets you implement resilience measures without changing any of your application code. At the same time, containerized workloads often involve applications that consist of many individual components, which run separate to one another. This can make it challenging to monitor your containers during runtime and ensure compliance. Other factors — like application failures or cluster administration errors — can also result in downtime, which means plenty of sunk costs in the long run.

AWS DevOps Engineer with OpenshiftJob Title – AWS DevOps Engineer with Openshift

Our world-class agile development process, transparent project management, and end-to-end implementation skills make your OpenShift rollout smooth. OpenShift is about to become the new standard in container management. Having implemented OpenShift successfully with big brand clients such as Santander and 3-S-IT, we can provide you with the expertise to achieve faster time to market. Historically, most comparable government digital service projects employ a waterfall methodology. But for the Online Divorce Assistant Application we wanted to follow a pattern of build, test, and refine. This pattern made it possible for our internal teams to work collaboratively and concurrently during research, design, and development.

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  • Because it was containerized the application was isolated from the environment in which it was going to run.
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  • Things go wrong all the time; we can offer regular support and ad-hoc expertise to keep your systems running.
  • Having implemented OpenShift successfully with big brand clients such as Santander and 3-S-IT, we can provide you with the expertise to achieve faster time to market.
  • Develop a reference architecture and design based on your business use cases and vision.

Install and configure product and develop a POC application to demonstrate core features and capabilities based on your specific requirements and use cases. Receive our newsletters that deliver thoughtful insights on emerging trends. Select from our collection of curated newsletters that deliver thought-provoking insights on emerging trends. Help keep your data from being exposed with security-rich features that can fend off threats and lower business risk. Built with proven and powerful open source technologies, enhancing application portability and enabling rapid change. Contains full package of programming languages and integrations with developer tools.

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Coupled with hands-on mentoring for your team you can start running critical work-loads in production in single digit weeks. To design the best possible service we consulted people inside and outside of government. We travelled from Vancouver to Victoria, Prince George, and beyond conducting interviews with people who had used the old system as self-represented litigants, lawyers, filing clerks, and judges. Our design research uncovered the strengths and weaknesses of the existing filing experience. How and why we used a Platform as Service to help the Ministry of the Attorney General build capacity and improve citizen access to justice.

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Our team of experts will help you manage OpenShift clusters with operators, storage, templates, and logging. We have the necessary innovation in the solutions, which empowers you to find a competitive advantage with faster IT operations. With a unified approach to app development, you ensure that developers, IT Ops, and business leaders work from a consistent, collaborative development lifecycle. Certified engineers with multi-platform experience can create a best practice that meets specific customer requirements.

OpenShift: making Agile development a reality for government projects

The drive to use modernized applications built to address the needs of the business and increase differentiation. Of course, this is one organization’s experience and your mileage may vary. But it’s valuable insight, nonetheless, and why we wanted to share the information. Ansible role for installing and configuring HAProxy for one or more load balanced applications.

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Leverage our customized solutions with Red Hat OpenShift in India and the US. In a free first consult with our Head of Cloud-Native and OpenShift expert Christian, we can talk about your OpenShift consulting and/or service needs. Get access to OpenShift technology without going through Red Hat. We’ll deliver regular reports on what’s working for your technology and what’s not. We can offer you ongoing problem-solving and expertise you can actually learn from.

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Manage your hybrid multicloud environment while digitally transforming your business. Leverage the latest in enterprise container technology and open source standards. Technical expertise, guidance, and knowledge are available 24×7, including collaboration with specialty teams by phone or chat. XTIVIA creates smart Information Technology solutions for companies in every industry. We’ve been hard at work, designing thousands of unique solutions, for over a quarter century. Things go wrong all the time; we can offer regular support and ad-hoc expertise to keep your systems running.

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This strong relationship gives us insights into the product direction and roadmap and it also provides us with quick access and an ability to escalate issues when they arise. It is reserved for firms that are heavily invested in driving new opportunities and contribute most to Red Hat’s partner ecosystem. Apex Partners have the openshift consulting most certifications and have demonstrated solutions for clients with notable impact. Move existing workloads and applications to the right cloud and accelerate time to value. Extend your corporate network into the cloud by connecting to cloud services from within your datacenter or using an existing user authentication system.

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With all their incredible benefits, clustered systems do come with challenges — one of them is maintaining zero down time. But there are some tricks and tools you can implement to work around them. In this insight, we cover how to keep your OpenShift clusters running so you can scale, update, and deploy your applications disruption-free. Senior OpenShift Administrators bring a minimum of 7-8 years of experience managing and implementing Kubernetes clusters. They collaborate with the Kyndryl client to implement, manage, configure, and maintain OpenShift clusters.