There’s no single way to write reports. There are many ways you can go in order to make your report more user-friendly and more engaging, and more likely to be read to the end.

Write a clear and concise title, which explains the topic of your report. Avoid using words that are too technical for your audience. For academic reports, you should examine the primary literature on your subject prior to writing your report to ensure you are providing the information correctly. This will increase the credibility of your report and minimize the possibility that your research was biased.

Use real-world examples, anecdotes and storytelling to make your report more real. This will make your report more engaging and intriguing for your readers. It could also make a significant difference in how readers comprehend the report. It is also worth avoiding passive language where possible. Instead of writing ‘a decision has been made to’, write ‘we’ve decided to’.

After you’ve finished your report, consider revising it at the sentence or phrase level with a program such as Wordtune which can identify grammar, punctuation and spelling errors as well as suggesting modifications to sentence structure to improve clarity and impact. It’s also a good idea to ask a colleague to read through the report for more insight and proofreading before it goes out for distribution. This will ensure that your report is as precise and objective as you can and that it is in conformity to any style guidelines that are in place for your workplace organization or educational institution.

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