Slavs joined the famous record around the 6th hundred years ce, steadily enlarging around eastern Europe. They’re generally divided in religion among those linked to the Russian Orthodox Religious organization (Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, the majority of Croats, and Serbs) and others with the Both roman Catholic Church (Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, and some others). They will additionally vary within their alphabets: Russians use Cyrillic, while the snooze typically utilize Latina.

Slovak republic

Slovakia is a small , mountainous region inside the heart of Europe. It really is bordered by Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Austria. Slovakia is rich in one of a kind castles, caves and natural thermal spas.

Traditionally, Slavs believed that illness and misfortune were caused by unnatural mood. They looked for curers to diagnose the cause and offer remedies. Restoration waters via thermal suspension springs were used to treat ailments ranging from minor cuts to hypertension. Linden (lipa ) flowers and a beverage made from mouse’s tail apparently cured serious injuries.

Today, Slavs are mostly Christian; many is Roman Catholic. Men still retain a privileged standing within the home as well as the outside globe, though ladies are entering occupations that were traditionally centered by guys.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic may be best known for its love of hockey and beer but the country possesses a rich cultural record that expands back hundreds of years. It has motivated the likes of Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera, and is also home to the Czech Republic’s most well-known composer, Antonin Dvorak.

Czechs commemorate many standard holidays but frequently with a angle. For example , the name day (Svatek) is an important party in which folks are given little gifts and desired well.

Czechs really are a punctual lot, especially when it comes to family unit events. It can be impolite to hold them ready. So , don’t be late for dinner with your Czech family! Samantha Tatro is a third customs kid who also moved to Prague, Czech Republic to explore life while an expatriate. She blends with a company in order to travelers find their bravery to travel overseas, by providing suggestions about safety, accommodation, and local traditions.


Slovenia is a pint-sized country filled up with pristine waterways. The 59 estuaries and rivers that move through or surround the state are gorgeous to behold and offer ample chance for hiking, water-skiing and fishing.

The more aged sections of towns throughout the country contain architectural mastery by a wide range of eras, from Roman-esque to past due Gothic. A love for bees and their role in sustaining agriculture is definitely evident in the country’s culinary arts culture, in which honey is often served on lunch break plates in addition to local eating places.

Slovenians are normally indirect communicators but can certainly moderate all their communication style to install the additional delete word cultural norms. They also have various interesting practices, such as Blessing of Motorcycles each spring and a special event honoring the total return for the cows through the mountains in autumn.


Despite the country’s thrashing history (it was reigned over by the Byzantine Empire, Venice, Austria-Hungary, and Yugoslavia) Croatia remains solidly rooted in its medieval Catholic beliefs, and its music, dance, and cuisine practices. Coastal towns, picturesque towns, and mighty mountain range are spread throughout the away from the coast countryside, and Croatia’s 6 national parks (including Plitvice Lakes and Krka) deliver dazzling mother nature attractions.

The cosmopolitan capital of Zagreb presents a mix of traditional ruins and modern fine art, including the Sea Organ and Greeting towards the Sun, a solar-powered set up that lights up at night. And, while few travelers venture to non-urban Slavonia, it is home to wine-country towns including Zmajevac and Osijek, where a trip back in its history is easy with Gothic structures and cobblestone streets. It also posseses an outstanding coast and some of your very best beaches in the Balkans.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Through record, the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina have weathered a lot of changes. They’ve been ruled simply by Rome, the Ottomans plus the Austro Hungarian Empire, every single of which brought its own lifestyle and traditions towards the region.

Food-wise, Bosnia reflects this mix. Its European, Greek and Ottoman affects are totally obvious but Bosnian cuisine as well has its own unique rotate – a large number of dishes include plants and beans. Once meat can be served it is very typically mixed barbeque style, and vegetarians can easily tuck into meals like begova corba or the vegetable stew sataras.

Despite a tumultuous earlier, Bosnia is certainly emerging being a beautiful, neglected European travel meaning. The solid landscape offers every thing via medieval neighborhoods to rugged mountain runs. The national capital, Sarajevo, offers well-preserved attractions including the 16th-century Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque as well as the Latin Bridge, where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, sparking Community War I just.